November 02, 2007

PRO-TORTURE DEMOCRATS: "Clinton, Clinton, Obama and Schumer. They have all, to a greater or lesser degree, embraced the concept of coercive interrogation (some, even torture — which is unquestionably illegal), and they have all underscored the excruciating complexity of this issue. Somehow, they are fit to lead the Democratic Party but the suitability of Mukasey — who has taken a more measured stance — to be attorney general is in doubt? What am I missing here?"

I dunno. Maybe that the "torture" debate is a political tool, and otherwise unserious?

UPDATE: Reader Patrick Cullen emails:

Simply a politocal tool? Really!?

I just cant stay with you on this one, Glenn. I don't care what party is in charge or who's zooming who on this. Its become an awful stain on our reputation. We need to maintain as much high ground as possible, and you seem to still be looking through the foggy glasses on this issue.

This is America. Surely we do not need to resort to the tactics of Stalinist Russia or the Khmer Rouge to preserve democracy. I am a two-time Bush voter who is embarrased by this Administrations power grab and lawleessness in the face of danger. I keep waiting for a glimmer of sanity from you on this...

I've been consistently against torture. The Democrats have been inconsistently against torture. If I'm looking through "foggy glasses," it's because I've failed to appreciate how much the Dems have been allowed to get away with this inconsistency.

Given that only three people have been waterboarded in interrogation, though, the discussion seems a bit overheated:

For all the debate over waterboarding, it has been used on only three al Qaeda figures, according to current and former U.S. intelligence officials.

As ABC News first reported in September, waterboarding has not been used since 2003 and has been specifically prohibited since Gen. Michael Hayden took over as CIA director.

So is this an issue now because it matters, or because it's a partisan political tool? I think I know the answer. And I was entirely serious when I suggested that Mukasey volunteer to be waterboarded along with any interested members of Congress. I'll be happy to do it too: Me, the AG, and Chuck Schumer. Let the cameras roll.

ANOTHER UPDATE: "Waterboarding as performance art."