April 09, 2004

MISLEADING CONDI EDITING: A blogger posts, complains, and gets a response. (Via the returned-and-reinvigorated Jeff Goldstein).

UPDATE: Neal Boortz has a lot of thoughts on yesterday's testimony, which he thinks went very well for the Administration. And the also returned-and-reinvigorated Stuart Buck has some observations regarding the spin.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Missy Nelson wonders if Time pulled an OJ and darkened Condi's skin for this cover photo. It looks like they've cranked the contrast up in order to produce an unflattering photograph, but beyond that, who knows? They've certainly demonstrated in the past that they're not above this sort of thing. Meanwhile James Lileks has a lot of worthwhile thoughts, including this one:

Is it hopeless to think that we can pull together and realize that A) the Marines are fighting some Very Bad Men, and B) it would be good for the region to defeat them? No, itís not.

Read the whole thing, which includes praise for Tom Daschle.